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Booking T&C’s

The following terms and conditions are incorporated in and form part of this agreement for the rental of Salt Life atClaridges, Gibbs, St. James (“the Villa”) managed and listed with Young Estates Ltd. (the Company). No amendments to or deletions from these terms shall be valid unless expressly accepted and confirmed in writing.


  1. The “Client” shall mean the person signing this Rental Agreement. His/her signature shall constitute acceptance of all Booking Conditions on behalf of the Client and each and every guest on whosebehalf he/she warrants his/her authority to
  2. The “Company” shall mean Young Estates
  3. The “Owner” shall mean the Villa
  4. The “Villa” shall mean the Villa mentioned in the Rental


  1. Agreements for the use of the Villa are made between the Client and the The Company acts as an Agent for the Owner in making arrangements for the rental of the Villa and all and any services thatmight, from time to time, be agreed to be provided by the Owner. With regard to ancillary services, agreements shall be made between the Client, Owner and or the Company of the said services upon such terms as shall be agreed between them.


  1. The terms and conditions for the use of the Villa shall be as contained in:
  2. The Confirmation from the Company accepting the booking and
  3. The signed Rental Agreement and
  4. These Booking Conditions
  5. The Invoice

together called ‘the Agreement”. The Agreement shall not become binding until the Company has received from the Client the Rental Agreement duly signed together with the rental deposit hereinafter mentioned,


  1. Payment by the Client to the Company of a deposit equal to 25% for Summer and Winter bookings and 50% for Peak bookings of the total rental fee is required to confirm a reservation and is non-refundable. The payment of the remaining 75% or 50% is required 30 days prior to the Client’s arrival for a Summer booking, 60 days prior to the Client’s arrival for a Winter booking and 90 days prior to the client’s arrival for a Peak booking.
    Should a booking be made within 30 days of arrival for a Summer booking, 60 days arrival of a Winter booking and 90 days of arrival for a peak booking 100% of the total rental amount is due and is non refundable. Payment may be made by wire transfer, international money order or credit card. The rental deposit paid by the client to the Company shall be held by the Company (subject to the terms hereof) on behalf of the Client until acceptance of the booking is sent to the Client and thereafter such sums shall be transferred (subject to the Company’s brokerage and other proper charges) to the Owner.


  1. ALL deposit amounts paid are non-refundable. Should a booking be cancelled by the Client more than 30 days prior to arrival for a Summer booking, more than 60 days prior to arrival for a Winter booking and more than 90 days prior to an arrival for a Peak booking only the balance paid is refundable. Should a booking be cancelled by the Client within 30 days of arrival for a Summer booking, within 60 days prior of arrival for a Winter booking and within 90 days of an arrival for a Peak booking rental amounts paid are 100% non The Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and the deposit is forfeited if the balance of the rental is not paid by the Client on or before the due date as per the balance invoice. At the Owner’s discretion, the deposit and or balance paid by the Client may be refunded or part thereof to the client due to proven Covid 19 travel restrictions or if the Owner or Company re-books the Villa for the booked / cancelled dates at the same or similar rate. At the Owner’s discretion, the Owner may decide to allow the Client to defer their booking to a later date due to proven Covid 19 restrictions.


  1. The Client is required to pay a Security Deposit of US$1,500 . The security deposit shall be held as a cash amount or via a credit card authorization form as security for any loss or damage occasioned by the Client or their guests, and for miscellaneous charges that remain outstanding after departure; subject to it being established that there are no damages or outstanding charges the balance shall be refunded / released to the Client no later than 30 days after


  1. If for any reason other than acts of neglect or default on the part of the Owner, the Client refuses, or is unable to use the Villa in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the full rental fee shall be retained by the Owner provided however that should the Owner re-let The Villa during the material rental period the Client shall be refunded the difference between the amount paid by him to the Owner and the amount received by the Owner on the re-letting.


  1. In the case of any agreed refunds due to booking cancellation and/or security and telephone deposits, the cost of bank charges and currency exchange fluctuations will be borne by the Client.


  1. The Company does not accept any responsibility for the performance by the Client, the Owner or any third parties of their agreements or for any consequences due to their non-performance. The Company shall not be liable for any neglect, default or failure by the Company, their servants, agents or representatives provided that they have acted in good faith, in the honest and reasonable belief that their acts are proper and their information is accurate and reliable. The Company shall not be responsible for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the Company or the Owner’s control such as civil disturbances, fires, floods, utility outages, severe weather, acts of God, acts of Government and travel disruption.


  1. The Client can access the Villa at 00 on the day the rental commences.


  1. The Client may not use The Villa for any purpose other than that of a private holiday residence for the accommodation of the Client and fellow guests unless otherwise agreed in writing by the
  2. Only those persons stipulated on the details of the booking may reside at the Villa as guests.
  3. Any changes to the number of guests in the party must be notified to the Company as additional rental charges may
  4. The Client shall not do or suffer to be done anything that may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Owner, or the occupiers of adjoining land or that might invalidate any insurance policies affected on the Villa, and shall not bring any animals to the Villa unless previously agreed to by the
  5. The Client shallnotsubletorassigntheirrentalofthe
  6. The Villa staff will provide catering for a maximum of 4 persons when staying at the
  7. Special permission must be sought for all entertaining in excess of these
  8. The Client will take suitable steps to secure the Villa by the appropriate use of all locks and security devices – such as
  9. The Owner or the Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any personal items or
  10. Where safes are provided, Clients are advised to secure their valuables
  11. The Client will exercise due care when in residence and ensure the appropriate supervision of children, dogs or persons with special needs – especially in the vicinity of pools, fish ponds, balconies, cooking appliances, the beach, steps or baths/hot tubs.
  12. The Owner or the Company accepts no liability for injury or damage to the Client or the Client’s party.
  13. Unless previously agreed with the Company and/or the Owner the Client will vacate the Villa by 00 noon on the final day of the rental period.


  1. The Client shall leave the Villa and all the furniture, fixtures and effects in good order and condition (fair wear and tear excepted) and shall inform the Company’s Property Manager or the Owner or the Owner’s staff immediately of any damage caused to the Villa or its contents during occupation by the Client. The Client undertakes to pay for all such damage and for any missing items.
  2. All breakages or lost items should be reported to the Company’s Property Manager or Guest Relations Manager prior to departure where a cost of replacement (or an estimate) will be Any amount due by the Client will be deducted during reconciliation of the Security Deposit. See Clause 8.


  1. In the event that any dispute or difference shall arise between the Client, and the Owner or theCompany or any of them which are not resolved speedily and amicably between them, the matters in dispute shall be resolved by arbitrations in Barbados in accordance with Barbados


  1. Client is strongly advised to obtain comprehensive travel insurance for all persons in the party in the event of medical emergencies (including evacuation and repatriation), cancellation, and losses to possessions/money, personal liability and other expenses.